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I have several other major credit cards and always pay them on time and in full every month.

I used my AMEX for monthly, automated payments and was surprised when a payment came back declined. I checked my mail that day and happened to find a letter from AMEX stating (which by the way was dated on January 13, 2009): "Dear (Name): We are writing to inform you that, after a recent review, your American Express account listed above has been canceled.

You have been past due on an American Express account in the last 12 months. Our cancellation of your account under these circumstances may result in negative reporting of this account to the consumer reporting agencies.

Too many creditors have recently reviewed your credit report.Whether you are in the Adult Industry or looking to start up your Adult business one thing you will need is a merchant account to accept credit cards which can be an incredibly difficult task.Why are adult merchant accounts to accept credit cards so difficult to get, maintain, and keep?So if all these services are 100% legal – why should it be difficult to get a merchant account so you can accept credit cards and be paid for your services?How do you find a merchant service provider who is not just willing to work with your business but who will provide an affordable solution that is both stable and service oriented?

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There are a lot of reasons that being approved for a merchant account to accept credit cards in the adult industry is more difficult than traditional retail businesses.